We do understand how passionate you are about your career and resume, which gets you the job. It’s always easy to get carried away while explaining your professional milestones, but it is important to stay on point regardless of your experience and expertise in different domains. That’s why Best Resume Writer is the best option for you to tell your professional story in a way which will benefit you as well as satisfy expectation. You can decide what to tell and what not tell with our little help.


What is a Resume Writer ?

Resume Writer is a solution provider. Best Resume Writer, the best choice for Resume Writing in India”>Resume Writing in India. We have the solution that will take care of creating the most important document of your life. Your Resume! We are a team of professionals with a background in recruitment and selection process. We work closely with companies and have the knowledge about the market as we understand what recruiters want to see in the Resume. A Professional Resume Writer will Increase your chances of getting your dream career by creating a Well-structured resume.


Do you write international Resumes & CVs?

Yes, we do write international CVs. Our list of clients spreads across the globe. We have so far written CVs for individuals in India, USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia, and Australia.


How long does it take to create my CV?

Our standard delivery time is ten days. We can also work with the delivery period and plan according to your preference, and it will depend on the delivery plan you have chosen. You can gather more details about the plans and delivery timelines from our products page.


What do you mean by content makeover?

Our writers who come with industry-specific content writing experience and recruiters who have vast experience evaluating CVs and shortlisting profiles for employers work together to create the most succinct format of your CV. The recruiters frame a set of keywords that recruiters want to see, which makes them pass Your Resume to the hiring manager. The content writer uses these keywords and rewrites Your Resume ensuring powerful words are used that convey the message that you are the one they have been looking for.


Are colored resumes accepted in the market?

Yes, they are very much! Every country and region has basic colors that are accepted.


Are there any limitations on revision?

No! We will revise the content up to your satisfaction level.


Am I supposed to be happy with the cosmetic look that you provide?

Not at all! We provide you with three templates for you to choose from. The decision of how Your Resume will look is entirely yours. If in case, we feel the template chosen doesn’t suit your profile, we suggest an alternative.


Will you give me more than one cosmetic look?

We share three templates, and we rely on you to pick the one you like. If you are not happy with what has been shared, we rework on the cosmetic look. The final output will be only one. If you need more than a cosmetic look. We charge for the additional template.


Will I be given questionnaires to fill?

No! We believe in human interaction. We talk. The content and design team head will evaluate Your Resume and schedule a call with you to discuss her reading and your career plan. Minutes of the request is emailed to you for confirmation, and the designing process initiates.


Do I have to talk to too many people?

No! The content as a design team head remains your single point of contact. Be it for updates, feedback, or criticism.


Do you re-use any content from my old CV?

Of course, we do! We use the basic information, and technical details are needed.


Will I be able to edit in the future?

Absolutely! We provide you with a DOCX and PPTX file to ease the process of maintaining the format of the CV. But then, we provide six months of free assistance in updating and editing the profile.


Do I get a DOC version of the CV?

Definitely! Once you freeze on the Resume and send us an email confirmation approving that the content of the presented document is excellent, we convert it to DOCX.


Is my Resume job portal and recruiter friendly?

Very much! Our CVs are built using text, and the content is recruiter friendly.


How many formats of the Resume do I get?

We provide you with three formats.

  • 1 PPTX For future edits and updates
  • 1 PDF For printing and mailing purposes
  • 1 DOC So you can forward it to recruiters and consultants


What if I am not happy with the output?

Simple! A Rework. Feedback and suggestions are always welcome. If you are not okay with the content, feel free to express that you need it redesigned.


How do you share the CV?

Through Email. For a physical copy, additional charges will be charged for printing and shipping.


How about a refund?

A refund is possible if you have communicated your displeasure with the quality of work before the 2nd draft is sent to you. We process the refund within 10- 15 working days.
Liability limited to the value mentioned on the invoice.