Easy tips to Create Stellar Resume and Land on Your Dream Job

Easy tips to Create Stellar Resume and Land on Your Dream Job

Whether you are embarking on your very first job after graduation or reaching the top rung of the corporate ladder, there are certain resume tips that apply to us all. If you are desperately seeking a new job, you are probably even more desperately seeking resume writing help. As for the job, good luck. As for the resume help, look no further. The following resume tips will help you on your way to success.

Brevity, in this case, is a virtue. Did you know that employers often see more than 200 resumes for one job opening? With this in mind, if Your Resume resembles your senior thesis, it is time to revamp it. Remember, your’s should be designed to highlight the best version of yourself, stressing your most recent and most important career achievements. As a rule of thumb, keep the following resume tips in mind for length.

It’s all in the numbers. Have you ever noticed how news articles almost always include numbers in the lead paragraph? Reporters include numbers because in a sea of type, numbers catch the reader’s eye. A crafty resume tip that people do not often think of is including numbers. In other words, quantify your successes. Whenever you can, use numbers to add that extra oomph to your achievements. For example, instead of this:

Action! Has your mother ever told you to “use your words?” Little did you know that your mother was giving you great professional resume help. Your resume should be full of action verbs that are results-oriented and portray your accomplishments in a positive light. Beginning sentences with phrases like “Effectively managed…” and “Developed and executed a plan for…” will grab the eyes of potential employers and show that you are a go-getter. Another bit of resume help: You should also use buzzwords, commonly referred as keywords. Buzzwords are words that have a special meaning within an industry. Buzzwords show potential employers as well as their scanning software that you know the business and that you are eager to share your knowledge with them.

Tip: Peppering your resume with buzzwords shows you’re in the know.

Keep it simple. During your job search is not a good time to start experimenting with your computer’s many fonts. Another one of our resume tips that job seekers often overlook is to keep it simple, in terms of font and format. Use a professional font that will be easy to read. Avoid using text boxes or columns in your resume because they often do not translate well on to other people’s computer programs. Be careful if you are cutting and pasting information from other documents or past resumes, or using “track changes.” It is very easy to misspell or misuse words or even lose text when you are using fancy features on your computer.

Read it, read it, take a break and read it again. After you write your resume, go over it several times. It is a good idea to walk away from the document, sleep on it and then make more revisions in the morning. Remember, your resume is your personal testament that you are the right person for the job. Spelling or grammatical errors show a future employer that you are willing to send in sloppy work. Not so much of a writer? Enlist a grammar-savvy friend who can find mistakes that you might not catch. You will be surprised at what someone else might find.

Tip: Haste makes waste. Don’t let a spelling error cost you the job.

Stay on track. Your resume should serve you by highlighting recent career achievements, not by saying that your hobbies are jogging, traveling and reading. Remember that you are trying to land a job, not a spot in a book club. Only include work-related information. Also, if you have a long employment history, narrow it down to what you have done in the past 10 years.

Tip: Include only relevant information.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. If you have ever tried to write a resume, you know how difficult it can be. Job-hunting is stressful enough. Why not seek help? You can consult with a professional Resume Writing service. They will work with you to point out your most important accomplishments, weed out irrelevant information and tailor your’s to the types of jobs for which you are applying. Don’t consider thinking about it like you are taking the easy way out. Think of it as being resourceful. Your potential employer will thank you.

Tip: Take advantage of Resume Writing help.

Take a deep breath and embark on your hunt for the perfect job. As you tread down your career path, take comfort in knowing that with these resume tips in hand, you skipped miles ahead.